The Witness of the Stars by: E. W Bullinger
                                                Cygnus (the Swan)

This constellation repeats, emphasises, and affirms this glorious truth. It has to do with the Great Blesser and His speedy return, as is testified by all the ancient names connected with it.
In the Denderah Zodiac it is named Tes-ark, which means this from afar.
It is a most brilliant and gorgeous asterism of 81 stars; one of the 1st or 2nd, six of the 3rd, twelve of the 4th magnitude, etc. It contains variable stars, five double stars, and one quadruple. The star marekd "61 Cygni" is known as one of the most wonderful in the whole heavens. It consists of two stars which revolve about each other, and yet have a progressive motion common to each!
This mighty bird is not falling dead, like Aquila, but it is flying swiftly in mid-heaven. It is coming to the earth, for it is not so much a bird of the air, but a bird peculiarly belonging to both the earth and the waters.
Its brightest star a (between the body and the tail), is called Deneb (like another in CAPRICORNUS), and means the judge. It is also called Adige, flying swiftly, and thus at once it is connected with Him who cometh to judge the earth in righteousness.
The star b (in the beak) is named Al Bireo (Arabic), flying quickly.
The star g (in the body) is called Sadr (Hebrew), who returns as in a circle.
The two stars in the tail, now marked in the maps as p I and p II, are named Azel, who goes and returns quickly; and Fafage, gloriously shining forth.
The teaching, then, of the whole sign of AQUARIUS is clear and complete. The names of the stars explain the constellations, and the names of the constellations explain the sign, so that we are left in no doubt.
By His atoning death (as set forth in CAPRICORNUS) He has purchased and procured unspeakable blessings for His redeemed. This sign (AQUARIUS) tells of those blessings being poured forth, and of the speedy return of Him who is to bring "rivers of blessing," and to fill this earth with blessing and glory "as the waters cover the sea."