Robert Scott Wadsworth (Biblical Astronomy March 2003 Newsletter)
                                                               THE 12 TRIBES OF ISRAEL AND THE 12 SIGNS OF THE MAZZAROTH, PART II
The following data that I am sharing is relatively new to me and is from research that I have performed over the past three weeks on the symbols of the constellation signs of the Zodiac. I believe that it was these symbols that were used on the banners of the 12 tribes of Israel. Though most of these symbols are the very same that have been used since at least 600 BC, some of the symbols have variations. It is most difficult to say if these symbols were exactly in the same form between 1500 and 1400 BC. Certain corruptions may have occurred. Great corruptions certainly occurred in their interpretations in the field of astrology.
These symbols were well known and used by the Babylonians 500 to 600 BC, as well as in Egypt. It is most difficult to say how many years before this that they had their origin. There is evidence that the symbols of the planets had their origins around 2300 BC. It is most likely that the symbols of the constellation signs had their origins there also. This puts it shortly after the great flood. But they may also have had their origin at the same time the constellations and stars were given their names by Yahueh Elohim, and passed to Adam, Seth, or Enoch. Though their existance can be traced through archeological findings that are dated 2300 BC, does not mean that they did not exist or originate prior to that time period.
It was in the 6th century BC that the Hebrew prophet Daniel was in Babylon. As a matter of fact, the king not only made him ruler over the province of Babylon but also made him chief over all the astrologers (wise man or magi). Daniel was the chief magi in Babylon (Daniel 2:48, 5:11) but more importantly was a prophet of Yahueh. He most likely knew the meanings of these symbols and passed the meanings on at some point.

Now in those days a certain group of magi formed know as the Zoroastrian Magi; Zoroaster being their leader. Some ancient historians believe that Zoroaster was none other than Daniel himself, while others believe that Zoroaster was a student of Daniel. This group later split into two sects, the one keeping the religion of Zoroaster and the other breaking away and forming their own religion. The latter was the birth of modern day astrology, which is a gross corruption of what the heavens were created for. They used or continued to use the same symbols of the constellations that Zoroaster or, and Daniel were well familiar with and most likely also used. Though Daniel knew the correct meaning behind the symbols.
Now concerning the stars and the constellations it is written:
Gen. 1:14 (The Scriptures) - And Elohim said, “Let lights come to be in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night, and let them be for signs (oth) and appointed times, and for days and years…
The stars and constellations (which are made up of the lights) are to be for signs. The Hebrew word for signs here is oth. As far as the constellations there are the 12 signs (oth) of the Zodiac.